The history of weighing apparatus

According to historical records, it has been more than 4,000 years since the end of the primitive society. At that time, there was an exchange of goods, but the measurement method was based on seeing and touching.As a measuring instrument, it first appeared in China in the Xia Dynasty.The principle of leverage was mastered in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. In the middle of the Warring States Period, balances and weights were widely used to weigh gold in the central Chu region. However, the measurement standards were not uniform for quite a long period of time, which was quite chaotic.In the song dynasty, scales with accuracy up to 1 centimetre (40mg) appeared, indicating that the weighing apparatus at that time had reached a considerable technical level.

Weighing apparatus industry in China with the development of history, after a long development course, but for a long time in mechanical weighing apparatus is given priority to, until the 1980 s, due to gradually expand the application of electronic weighing apparatus to start on the road to the research and development after entering the new century, our country weighing apparatus industry development has entered a rapid development of the channel, weighing apparatus products also started to qualitative change, both in the product structure and manufacturing level, have taken place in the leap-forward development, has already begun to run independently design and manufacture of high precision fast accurate measurement of various types of electronic weighing apparatus.

Weighing apparatus is national legal measuring instruments, is a vital national defense scientific research internal and external trade indispensable metering equipment, weighing apparatus product technology level of high and low, will directly affect the level of modernization and the social from all walks of life to improve as a result, the economic benefits of the weighing technology research and the development of weighing apparatus industry countries attaches great importance to the infiltration of 50 s electronic technology promote the development of the weighing apparatus manufacturing appeared in the early 60 s electromechanical combination type electric weighing apparatus since, after 40 years of continuous improvement and perfection, electronic weighing apparatus in China from the original mechanical and electrical connection with the development of type to full electrical and digital smart todayAt present, the manufacturing technology and application of electronic weigher have been developed. The development of electronic weighing technology from static weighing to dynamic weighing: measurement method from analog measurement to digital measurement;Measurement features from single parameter measurement to multi-parameter measurement development, especially for the rapid weighing and dynamic weighing research and application through the analysis of recent years electronic weighing products and the development of domestic and foreign market demand, the overall trend of electronic weighing equipment development is miniaturized, modular, integrated intelligent;Its technical performance tends to be high speed, high accuracy, high stability, high reliability;Its function tends to be the intelligent function of weighing control information and non-control information;Its application performance tends to be comprehensive and combinatorial.


Post time: Dec-10-2020